Commit db15f7ed authored by Rob1NN's avatar Rob1NN

fixed hardcoded help command

parent cfc6bc53
......@@ -21,9 +21,11 @@ mumble:
announce_joins: yes
- command: "+mumble"
- command: "ping"
description: "Pong. Returns the message and 'pong' if empty"
- command: "mumble"
description: "Send a message to the Mumble server (from IRC)"
- command: "+irc"
- command: "irc"
description: "Send a message to the IRC server (from Mumble)"
- command: "+users"
- command: "users"
description: "Show a list of all users connected to the Mumble server"
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ def start(irc, mumble)
when 'help'
help_msg = "shellnut v#{VERSION} - available commands:<br/>"
APP_CONFIG['help'].each do |cmd|
help_msg += "<b>#{cmd['command']}</b> - #{cmd['description']}<br/>"
help_msg += "<b>#{prefix}#{cmd['command']}</b> - #{cmd['description']}<br/>"
mumble.text_channel(APP_CONFIG['mumble']['channel'], help_msg)
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