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# shellnut
_Mumble-to-IRC/IRC-to-Mumble Chat Gateway_
## Features
* Connects to a Mumble and IRC server
* Can send messages from one server to another and vice versa
* Can list users from the entire Mumble server (+ status) and users from specified IRC-channels
* Can notify users from one server if someone on another server joins/disconnects
## What you need
* Ruby (**>=2.1.0**)
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### Commands (prefix with the prefix you set in your config.yml)
* `ping` will return "pong" or, if possible, return given arguments
* `help` will show a list of available commands
* `mumble` will send a message to the Mumble server set in the config *(from IRC)*
* `irc` will send a message to the IRC server set in the config *(from Mumble)*
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## Thanks to
* [nilsding]( for helping me to parse colors from IRC to Mumble
* [Rob1NN]( for including custom prefixes and simplifying commands
## Licensed
Licensed under the [MIT License](
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Licensed under the [MIT License](
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