Commit 6cd6872d authored by pixeldesu's avatar pixeldesu
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removed losing condition, added overall ppl counter

parent 33096827
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ updateCounters = ->
$('span#builds-fields').html window.gameVars.fields.count
$('span#builds-cattle').html window.gameVars.cattleGrids.count
if <= 0 || window.gameVars.wheat.count <= 0
if window.gameVars.wheat.count <= 0
$.growl {
title: "The Game"
message: "You lost it"
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
<li class="list-group-item"><i class="fa fa-paw fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; <b>Livestock:</b> <span id="goods-livestock">x</span></li>
<ul class="list-group">
<li class="list-group-item"><h4 class="list-group-item-heading">People</h6></li>
<li class="list-group-item"><h4 class="list-group-item-heading">People <span class="text-muted">{n}</span></h6></li>
<li class="list-group-item"><i class="fa fa-home fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; <b>At Home:</b> <span id="people-home">x</span></li>
<li class="list-group-item"><i class="fa fa-bomb fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; <b>At War:</b> <span id="people-war">x</span></li>
<li class="list-group-item"><i class="fa fa-life-ring fa-fw"></i>&nbsp; <b>Shelter:</b> <span id="people-shelter">x</span></li>
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